Raveen Kulenthran

Scottish by birth and Malaysian by upbringing, Raveen holds a Master of Engineering from the University of Nottingham and a Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh. He has worked as a washer of pots in the most sweltering of kitchens, been a consultant for the oil and gas industry based in the City of London, and been actively involved with grassroots development initiatives in Rwanda, Zimbabwe and the island of Borneo. Although he embraced those varied experiences with all his heart, the undercurrent somehow guided him to his current profession – a Rolfer. In looking back, and now relishing in the breadth and depth of the Rolfing profession, he knows he has lived his way into meaningful joy. He runs a private Rolfing practice in Munich, Germany.

To learn more about Raveen, visit his website at www.raveenkulenthran.com