544 pages
1st edition 2014
544 pages
more than 400 illustrations
Hardcover, 16,3 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-943324–14–3
published 5/2014
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Hamid Montakab

Acupuncture Points and Channel Energetics

This book offers a broad and profound understanding of the body energetics bringing together the Eastern Classical Chinese principles with Western medical and anatomical concepts, as well as the Daoist oral traditions. The three dimensional, physical, energetic and psycho-spiritual understanding of the channels and the points of the body, has very broad applications. It is fundamental not only in the practices of acupuncture, Tuina massage, Taichi and Qigong, but also helps to better understand the spiritual disciplines as described in the techniques of Neidan (Inner Alchemy).

Furthermore the superficial pathways of the channels, not only maintain the functions of the muscles and the fascia, but also have deeper physiological, organic and even psychological effects. This relation between the outer structures and the inner physiology could even explain the functioning of many Western Manual therapies, as well as psychological releasing methods.

This book provides a solid background of Classical Chinese energetic theories, explained by a Western MD trained in Chinese acupuncture and herbs as well as in Western osteopathy, supported by decades of clinical and practical experience.