42 poems
1st edition 2022
66 pages
Hardcover, 13 x 21 cm, 180 g

ISBN 978-3-948442-38-5

published 9/2022
EUR 14,00 inkl. Mwst.

Paul Crichton

The Turning Tide


The Turning Tide

This collection of poems ranges widely in time and space from Homer’s Odyssey, to the Fire of Rome in 64 CE, during the reign of Nero, and then on to the 16th century low Countries, 19th century Russia and into the future. There is a wide range of voices (the pompous wine-critic, the cool teenager, the narcissistic male, the ecstatic patriot) and subject matter (history, politics, philosophy, personality types, fine arts, music).

These poems encourage the reader to make unexpected connections between familiar phenomena which may suddenly appear in a new light. But beneath the linguistic virtuosity there often lies a vein of powerful emotion:

The spreadsheets of loss,
the conjugations of time,
nostalgia for the future,
reject the sublime.

Open your days:
tomorrow’s blank page,
spread out like a field,
like an unearned wage.

St. Ninian’s beach, Shetland

St. Ninian's Isle is cut off from the mainland or reconnected with it whenever the tide turns.

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