1st edition 2014
40 pages (DIN A4)
over 50 drawings
includes poster with exercises
ISBN 978-3-943324-34-1
published 4/2014
EUR 14,95 inkl. Mwst.
GBP 12.50, USD 20.00

Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke, Thomas Wernicke

Samurai Shiatsu – Fit for School with Shiatsu

This book contains a practical exercise programme specifically developed for children aged five to twelve years, which uses movement and builds multisensory perceptiveness. The exercises promote health and well-being, improve concentration and promote good posture. The programme is clearly structured and designed so that students can perform the exercises independently and effectively after a relatively short time.

Regularly carrying out the programme reduces built-up stress (including test and exam anxiety) and improves concentration. This promotes children's "self-efficacy", being more able to achieve something with simple tools for themselves and others. The knowledge ob being able to help themselves in difficult situiatons equips the child with the ability and security to act. By giving a treatment to others, the child takes responsibility for the well-being of others and so has the right to ask for its own boundaries to be respected. Trainers encourage children to define their won boundaries in order to experience how these will be respected - a valuable life experience in itself.

For more information about Samurai Shiatsu go to www.kookoandfriends.co.uk

Print out the door sign and glue it onto a piece of card. Any time you have a 'bad weather day', put the door sign on the door handle outside your room as a signal that you don’t want to be disturbed right now.