Christl Kiener

Christl Kiener first studied German and English at the universities of Regensburg and Munich, and then studied medicine at the universities of Würzburg and Munich, qualifying as a doctor in 1985. During her maternity leave she worked as a translator. From 1989 to 2009 she was commissioning editor with Urban & Schwarzenberg, which was later called Urban & Fischer and was then taken over by Elsevier Germany. In June 2011 she founded KIENER press (KIENER Verlag) in Munich.

Apart from the publication of the books* on this website she translated with her husband, Paul Crichton, the following books:

  • into English: Thaler
  • into German: Moorey/Greer (first edition published by Elsevier)
  • into English: Tittel

* For programming reasons these books are listed under the heading "Books of the Author"