Welcome to KIENER Press

The publishing house which makes books by people who have something to say, for people who value content.

We would hope to achieve this aim by offering creative support to help those authors who can or cannot write, but have something to say.

One of our special areas is standard and complementary medicine, where we aim, among other things, to facilitate communication between and education for both kinds of health practitioners so that they can benefit from each other's knowledge and experience.

We also aim to offer a forum to those people who have something to say based on their very personal experience, for example Franz Thaler who as a young man was sent to the concentration camp Dachau and forgave but could not forget what he had experienced there. Or: Norbert Westhoff who explains how he learnt to cope better with his problems by recording his experiences as a patient, and thus offers hope for other patients.

Our authors come from several different countries. We publish the books in German and English.